Christmas in November

Okay don't think I'm crazy, but this year with a growing bump and a toddler to contend with, I've decided to start my preparations for Christmas a little early.

getting ready for Christmas

It's been quite fun actually, I really feel like me and froggy are starting a magical Christmas tradition. He's been a fantastic helper, and hopefully it means I can but my feet up a little more in the run up to Christmas rather than dashing around with swollen ankles and spd. *shakes fist and rotten pregnancy symptoms*

So here is my week that was:

Christmas gifts kids can make
Using just scrap jars,  glass bottles and tissue paper. The result was surprisingly pretty, and very different from your traditional toddler made macaroni necklace style Christmas gift. He especially enjoyed the mix of texture from scrunchy paper to sloppy pva.

how to make pumpkin cookies
Monday: we made pumpkin cookies .
The recipe is vegan and dairy free but still tasted great. We tested our new mug hugging festive cookie cutters.
The Vyne Basingoke
Tuesday: we braced the wet and the cold to have a magical late autumn adventure at The Vyne in Basingstoke. It's a lush place to go with kids and easy to get too as  it's just off the M3. They also do cracking hot chocolates and baby cinos.
Homemade Mincemeat Recipe

Thursday: we tried making our own mincemeat. It was really easy and Homemade mincemeat taste so much better.

How to make Christmas Chutney
Friday: was Christmas Chutney making day. Froggy helped me style the photos for my post. He also enjoyed the taste testing very much.

Homemade piccalilli
Saturday: we made piccalilli for daddy. It takes a while to mature so should be quite pokey on Christmas day when we give it to him.

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christmas gift guide