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A question answered- Eco baby wipes

I don't get many emails through my blog. But when I do I always try to answer them. This week I had an email from Sarah who is preparing to cloth nappy baby no 2. Thank you for your informative blogs. Can you recommend an eco/skin friendly way of wiping at nappy change time? I thought I'd publish ny reply in case any other mamas wanted to know Hi Sarah, Pleased to here you like the blog. We just use water and reusable baby wipes. You can buy these from a company called cheeky wipes or make them by cutting microfiber kitchen cloths into 5" squares. They can go in a normal wash and if your baby has a rash then you can use any natural oil (coconut, olive etc) to act as a barrier. We've just had baby no2 and these wipes are so handy for cleaning spit up too. Much easier than using a muslin every time. Good luck with the cloth!