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Little Bloom- Cloth Nappy reviews

If you are a newbie in cloth its hard to know what to buy. I've been using Cloth Nappies for 16 months with my first born, and am preparing to have two in cloth when my daughter arrives in May. You could say I'm somewhat of cloth nappy pro.
I've moved on from my start up stash, and invest in nappies that will see us through til froggy potty trains, and ideally ones his baby sister can use afterwards too!
Pocket nappies are great for this purpose and this week I'm reviewing the little bloom nappies
are little bloom nappies any good?
You can grab little bloom nappies on amazon from as little as £2.89 delivered. So they are a cheap option but are they cheerful enough to do the job?

froggy looking good in his little bloom
I bought my first little bloom nappy over a year ago, and I have to say I've been really impressed with it. It's held up well in our rotation of nappies with no leaks or rashes so far.
It's finish isn't as premium as a little lambs, but as a standard nappy it works well.

It works like most pop ins- there's a variety of different fits provided by the poppers. Edwin was about 11lbs when we first tried them and they fitted pretty well (and still do)

You can buy with or without inserts - I bought some micro fibre inserts and use them with a cotton booster to make them extra absorbent.
switching to cloth nappies

Out of five, in five-
Absorbancy 4/5- great with prefolds, good with purchasable microfibre- wouldn't chance over night
Look 3/5 some nice designs but some look cheap
Washing- 4/5 was well- need liner for poops (unless you like washing twice)
Will it last? 3/5 in rotation of 40 nappies for 3 months some  pilling has started already.
Leaks- 5/5 Amazingly not one yet!

Verdict 3.8/5 good stash booster

little bloom nappy review


  1. Thanks for this really useful review. I think I'll give them a try. It's my second baby and first time moving to cloth!

  2. Thank you, thus is very helpful. I'm new to cloth and just ordered my first Little Bloom nappies pre-loved to try. If I get in well with them then I will buy new. Do you have any tips for first time LB nappy users like me? Baby is 5 months, weighs 13lbs (apprx) & is breastfed (so very runny leaky nappies!) With pocket nappies, do you have to use the inserts? What's the difference between an insert and a booster? Or are they the same thing? Are the liners good at containing breastfed baby poop? And finally, what is your whole nappy changing and washing process? I'm trying to think practically about how it all works. My email is if you'd like to email me :-)

  3. Thanks for the review! I think I will give these a go with my newborn (1st kid too). For a start, how many nappies and how many inserts would you recommend purchasing? What's the minimum required? I'll probably combine with pampers in the beginning to see which works better for us.

  4. Great review, I've just bought a couple to try before possibly buying more. I was wondering what temperature you washed them at, I wash all my other nappies at 60 and these say 30. Do you think I can wash them at 60 like normal? Thanks! Helen

  5. Hi I was just wondering what temperature you wash at - I wash the rest of my nappies at 60 in a separate wash, but these say 30. That doesn't seem hot enough to get them properly clean. Do you reckon I'll ruin them if I wash at 60? Thanks!

  6. Hi Helen, I wash mine at 40c on an intensive (one with an extra rinse) wash I found that hotter wash didn't actually clean then very well- it seemed to cook them instead. A cold wash should be sufficient especially if you use a good old fashioned drop of cider vinegar and tea tree or Rosemary in the wash! The trick for the cleanest possible nappies though is sunshine on the washing line!

  7. Hi Hannah
    Can you recommend a good eco detergent for this nappy and liner? One that doesnt kill the nappy life and poison the planet? Also do you soak yours? Does the minky / non minky get different treatment?


    1. Hey we use an Eco egg (check out the review here it does a years worth of washing for £8 and is recommend by allergy uk. No soaking required we just flush the debris off the baby poop nappies!


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