Making Christmas Gifts with Toddlers- Vases and Candle holder

making vases
There's nothing better than handmade Christmas gifts, apart from homemade presents that children have helped make.
The toddler who made Christmas is a series of posts on the best homemade gifts to make with your little one.
I'm going to only cover gifts that I would actually want in my own home (no macaroni jewellery here), that I would personally treasure and be proud to give people.
Like these cute decoupage vases and Candle holders. Who wouldn't mind these brightening up their kitchen?

toddler making christmas candle gift

Project quick view-
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Toddler hands on time: 15 minutes
Mess factor: low
Cost: 5p each vase or candle holder plus cost of artificial flowers or candles

low cost christmas gifts to make with preschoolers
The great thing about this craft is not only is it a really cheap Christmas gift to make with children, it's really easy to set up too. All you need is some scrap tissue paper - for the three vases and one candle jar I used a quarter of a sheet of standard craft tissue paper in each colour. The tissue paper them simply needs to be ripped into small squares between 1-4cm square. You could probably even delegate it to a toddler a bit older than mine!

christmas gift tissue paper craft

Apart from this- all you need is pva glue, a paint brush or glue brush and some old glass bottles and jars.
toddler enjoying making christmas gifts
To get going get your toddler to paste the bottle in glue (or do it for them if they still aren't great with  paint brush) then simply stick the bits of tissue paper to the glass. I found that this project didn't need much artIstic ability, which is ideal when you are entrusting the creation of Christmas presents to a preschooler.
luckily this homemade craft activity didnt make too much mess.
My son loved the contrast in textures from sloppy glue to scrunchy paper and it held his interest for longer than I expected.
a really easy to make christmas gift
Keep going until the jar/bottle has an even coverage. If making a candle holder make sure no paper goes over the brim of the jar (fire hazard)
You can smooth rough edges with a coat of glue on top.
Then your done!
shabby chic home made gift
A quick, low mess Christmas craft that makes  pleasing gift for your little ones to give to family. Let me know what you think-  would you try this with your toddler?