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Close Caboo Sling Review

I've decided to write a review of my sling collection. A friend of mine recently had a new baby, I guess I have a bit of reputation now for strapping children onto my body, using a now very well worn and extensive sling stash. In fact I'd quite happily talk slings to anyone. I'm often found pottering around the pub with a baby in a sling. 3 years of baby wearing later - none of the regulars bat and eyelid when they see me pouring pints whilst baby wearing. I've even been know to change a barrel with a baby in the back carry. So you could say I'm somewhat of an expert when it comes to baby wearing!!

The first sling I will be reviewing is the Caboo Plus Cotton Blend Carrier (Opal) I'ts the first sling I ever bought when I was pregnant with my first. Those day's are too hard. Your terrified of breaking this precious little life, who was previously tucked up safe and warm. The desire to keep them close is unbreakable, but you know sanity is also really important.

You want freedom, you need a cup of tea, the idea of bundling baby into the pram to get out for some fresh air is so daunting that hiding in bed seems more viable. I'm not sure why we ever went for prams in the first place. Is it a throw back to when we had a class based society and we saw nannies pushing those beautiful carriage prams. Don't get me wrong pushchairs are great- but for new mums  (and new babes)they are basically a torture device .

I really like this sling for newborns. I bought one because it looked safe. I could buy it online. Its looked pretty. I was pleased to find that it was comfy and the D- Rings at either side help you feel less responsible than the slings you have to wrap and tie. These blew my mind as a new mum.

They wash really well and look a bit less obvious than some of the in your face designs. Great when you want to melt into the background post part. Note they are quite expensive (£40-£60) and don't tumble dry - my husband did this and it shrunk like crazy. It's pretty easy to use for a first timer you just wear it like a wrap top and slip the baby in the lower of the crossover- see above. It's got a handy crossover strap for extra support and even has a pocket (genius).
Update! I'm still using this sling with my 18 month old- its her absolute favourite place to fall asleep (apart from on the boob). She loves (I think) the fact she can tuck her head into the generous width of material and dose away safe from invasive noises and light!


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