The 8 outfit 1930s wardrobe

If you are anticipating full of downton Abbey inspired wardrobe loveliness, let me break it to you gently, this isn't a post about vintage dressing. This is a post about vintage shopping.

Back in the 30's the average woman owned 9 outfits. Fast forward we now have approximately 30 outfits hanging in our wardrobe at any time.
I've been gradually clearing my clothing collection. As someone who used to work in fashion there are a few items of clothing that have sentimental reasons for keep in them. Like the shirt that I designed, or my crazy full flare Dolce and Gabbana leopard print flares that I have only worn once.

It's tough the idea of letting go of anything that has sentimental attachment. But as any mum will tell you getting dressed in the morning is tough. Most of the time I found myself either grabbing the same two things anyway, or wearing something I didn't feel comfortable in. Why was I holding on to all of these clothes?

So last week the charity shop received a bumper donation. I've completely culled back my wardrobe.

My wardrobe now contains:
Two dresses
One pair of dungarees
Three pairs of jeans
Two skirts
Three shirts
Three t-shirts
Two jumpers
Three cardigans
Two jackets
One Hoody
Two coats

Or a grand total of 8 "outfits"

It's not perfect, nor will it ever be. But noticeable improvements on the old system include:

  • I can now shop on a one in one out system reducing shopping stress
  • I can focus my money on buying quality over mass produced
  • This means I can also take the time to find more eco friendly and fairly produced clothing
  • Giving stuff to charity makes me feel good
  • There's less choice, and choice is stressful
  • I value my clothing more
  • I'm more likely to repair clothing
  • I'm not looking at shopping to fill a void
  • My wardrobe is easier to organise



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