I do not need to buy anything

I'm a verbal processor, and thanks to this blog and social media, I have a whole new way of chatting out my personal issues.
After four years business is finally comfortable and we've been blessed to have our money stress finally taken care of.
This improved cash flow has been burning quite a hole in my pocket. The grass has constantly been greener, and my life will be so much better once I buy x, y , z (then is the same) .

So today I'm telling myself off, in an effort to get back to just enjoying my blessings. I do not need to buy anything to be happy.
I do not need coffee out.
I do not need any more dry goods
I do not need more gardening tools or homeward.
I do not need to buy any food - I have freezer, cupboards and allotment.
I'm challenging myself to make do and not buy anything for a week.
Blog posts to follow- wish me luck



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