That crazy woman with two babies and no buggy

I think I probably have a bit of rep in my quiet market town. I've been babywearing froggy since day one really, and although there is a local sling library and I do see other baby carrying mama's from time to time, baby wearing with one definitely confused a few people.

From old ladies chastising me for taking my baby out without any blankets or hat ( I couldn't get her to understand that the loss of body temp is decreased via slinging it), to the old man who insisted I must be suffocating my baby or even my gp - who advised me baby wearing was okay for newborns but to stop soon because it would cause back damage.

Anyhoo, I just kept on wearing my little man. I found pushchairs an absolute pain in the bum. Victoria shops just weren't designed for someone to push  a cart around. Plus navigating busy pavements is never easy let alone when you factor in a buggy.

When I got pregnant with my little girl, I kept wearing him. I felt it kept him close during a sea of change. It kept me balanced too with my growing bump. Like an improvement to my posture, and I invested in even more slings with a plan in the back of my head to tandem baby wear.

Yesterday I took my kids out shopping, with out the buggy for the first time. One on the front and one on the back. I also packed frogs Samsonite backpack reins. so we could swap between the two.
It was so fun. It made me smile from ear to ear to wear both of my babies. It took more consideration than pushing a buggy around. But I love the fact I felt like I was really involved with both of them during our outing.

So yeah that crazy lady with two babies, without a buggy? Sometimes that's me - and I love it!

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