Slowing down our days

I've never been what you could describe as a calm person. I'm the kind of person who prefers to keep themselves busy, so that they can say what they have been up to, or to organise the next big project. I think this is probably because I am afraid of living in reality. But since I've become a mother (and a mother again) I've found myself yearning for a bit more simplicity.
This week we have houseguests. My sister, her husband, my two year old niece and her tiny three week old baby brother. It certainly is a house (or pub flat) full of small people. Normally I found family visits quite stressful. I dislike the disorder and mess that comes with visitors. I push myself to prepare fancy food that no-one appreciates. I bust a gut tidying up after the multitude of small people.
Not this time though. This time I've decided I need to chill the F out (Sorry!!), and to live in the moment and enjoy spending time with all these family people. That if I feel stressed I should probably go outside, and that anything I can do, to reduce the need of housework should be jumped upon.
So yesterday we want for a walk to the local Waldorf school. Me and froggy used to go the parent and child classes there, and its focus on a daily rhythm and living simply, is something that is resonating with me right now. They have a lovely café there, where you can treat yourself to yummy whole foods and they kind of promote a chilled out atmosphere.
We met my mum (or grandma) at the pirate ship with my younger siblings - the teenager (12), Bear (8) and Lion (2). Where we let them run off steam and enjoy each others company.  You can read my mums fabulous homeschooling journey on her blog. I'm not sure if it's because we met outside, or because I'm consciously trying to slow down my daily rhythm and changing what I value. But the whole day was a let less stressful.



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