Cleaning without chemicals - the five things you need to buy

After I got pregnant with my son, a desire to live quite simpler life took hold of me. I found I was no longer happy dousing my body and home in chemicals in the name of cleanliness. Over two years later, our home is mainly chemical free.

Living without commercial cleaning products is relatively simple many household "must haves" are predominantly made up of old fashioned ingredients with extra chemicals thrown in the mix for fragrance, foaming, colour and "product performance"

These core ingredients are:

natutal cleaning

Bicarbonate of soda-

used to make tooth paste, oven cleaner, limescale remover, washing powder, polishing/cleaning metal, deodoriser and deep soak for coated on stains.


Used as window cleaner, non wood floor cleaner, glass polish, metal cleaner, kitchen cleaner, sink and drain unblocked, toilet cleaner and stain remover.

Hot water-

Hot water is the best cleaner for wooden furniture, coated on dirt, etc. Most commercial cleaning products depend on the use of hot water to make their products work.
cleaning with essential oils

Essential oils-

Rosemary  and basil have antantibacterial properties, lemon, clove and eucalyptus have antiviral properties. Lavender oil is used for calming and to repel flies. A couple drops of oil in the washing machine can help freshen laundry.

Soap nuts-

Used for washing clothes and to make natural soaps. Produces a good lather and cleans clothes perfectly.



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