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Introducing a daily rhythm to our home

Our house is not the most organised or routine led place. Our lives as pub landlords and parents, mean a schedule is often impossible. We frequently have to change plans at the drop of the hat because of business demands. With a new born this was fine. Babies are so separate from the idea of routines. Ask a new mum what her babies schedule is, and she'll tell you it changes like the wind.

So we just pottered on. Going with the flow. But now frogs a toddler, baby number two is on her way, and I've just signed up to do a degree in psychology, things need a little more structure.

I made several resolutions this year. One was to read more, so this week I started leafing through this book-

Rahima Baldwin Dancy is a Waldorf educator from the state's. This book is good intro to Steiner/waldorf early years education and parenting. Towards the end of the book there's a great section on how and why you can introduce a rhythm to your home.
Toddlers like predictability, and helping with chores. So I've been very conscious to improve our morning rhythm. Not by setting an alarm clock, but by setting a course of actions that we do every morning.

Wake up
Get dressed
Go let the chickens out
Make breakfast
Eat breakfast (as a family- it's the only meal we can definitely eat together every day)
Prepare lunch - either putting a meal in the slow cooker, or preparing everything to be served quickly later.
Clean up and tidy
Free play
Feed the chickens
Morning feed, followed by nap

We have a night time rhythm too
Free play
Prepare dinner
Eat together
Clean up
Quiet play (play dough, shape sorting or stories)
Bath time
Get pjs on
Bedtime candle and songs
Quiet play in cot
Feed to sleep

We've been working our new rhythm for since new years day, and it's really making a difference. Frog is now routinely asleep by 8 and awake by 8. Giving me plenty of time in the evening for study and work.
Because it's not a timed schedule there is no stress about being late, and enough flexibility thay if we change our plans the whole day isn't thrown out of balance.

Do you have any daily rhythms to help you keep organised at home?


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