Five vegetables to grow in pots

starting  container garden

If you want to grow vegetables but don't have any ground to grow in, there are still plenty of ways you can grow your own food. From barrels, to hanging packets, plastic pots and poly sacks we've pretty much tried it all in our attempt to grow a kitchen garden. 

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Container gardening is kind of mandatory for us. Our private garden is a mass of concrete, what isn't concrete is owned by our chickens, who love pulling up plants especially edible ones. 
easy vegetables to grow in containers
We've been in our home nearly two years now, we've had two summer's to experience how food crops do in containers. 

growing vegetables in pots

So you want to start a small space container garden? Here's what to grow and what to grow it in-

  1. Potatoes- grow in potato growing bags. Really simple and easy for a first time gardeners.
  2. Strawberries- whether you buy plugs or seeds these tasty fruit are simple to grow. The biggest challenge is keeping them safe from birds. But once you have got them, the plants will provide fruit for three years
  3. Runner or broad beans- a fab vegetable to grow with kids as they are big enough for them to handle and fairly hardy. They will love picking fresh beans to eat too.
  4.  Tomatoes- these can be grown without a garden- they like it best indoors or in a green house. Making them  a great friend to the kitchen windowsill.
  5. Salad leaves - you just pinch the top growth (middle leaves) to leave a stump and they will keep growing back. Again this is a fab to grow indoors. We had a barrel of lettuce last year and wear eating salad non stop.



  1. Great tips, I can't wait to grow our own fruit and veg this year.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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