Lovely leftovers- healthy peri-peri turkey

I hope all of my lovely blog readers had a fabulous Christmas. We were pretty hectic with 10 for lunch on the big day, and 20 eating on Christmas night.
We were kindly given our turkey this year by our local farm shop, we run with weekly meat draw at our pub for them. It was a little larger than I would have ordered otherwise.
I got them to remove and bone the legs, so I could stuff them and roast them as mini joints. They were really yummy, but we had a lot of meat left over.
I used up my turkey and veggie (carrots, parsnips, sprouts) left overs to make this yummy peri-peri one pot dish. Which is yummy but nice and light after the Christmas carb fest.

Made in the slow cooker in just over an hour, it's a great meal to chuck on before a walk in this lovely wintery weather we are having.
Last night I simply chopped up the left overs into chunks and sprinkled with peri-peri seasoning.
Then this morning I put a small handful of pasta in my slow cooker with a third of a pint of water. I added the spiced leftovers on top, turned the crock pot on low, and went for a walk with frog.
When we came back I whipped the temperature up to high, added half a bag of spinach and a handful of dried fruit.

Nice and low carb, but still delicious. A definite must have if your looking for a way to use up your left overs.



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