Welcome Home for the Holidays

Welcome home for the holidays- making festive treats
November is finally here, which means it's time to start thinking about Christmas festivities. I love all seasons, but in the UK November can be a bit of a filler between halloween and Christmas.

Not so in America. They have their national holiday thanksgiving this month, and so for our Yankee cousins there's a long festive period starting at harvest and lasting until new year.
One of the reasons I love shopping with Amazon, is that, they recently made their international shipping charges for market place sellers much cheaper- you can ship a cook book over from the state's for the same price as domestic shipping.
So that's just what I did.Welcome home for the holidays is a publication by Gooseberry patch a company who claim to be a country store in your mailbox (ahh America!). This book features submissions from their devout followers and friends, all base around an old fashioned country feel.
It covers it all- warm quilts, hot spiced cider, homemade potpourri, hearty soups, stews, gift baskets, gingerbread, homespun garlands, holiday ornaments, gifts from the kitchen and plenty of holiday cooking.
If you (like me) love seasons or an old fashioned Christmas it is a must read- and an absolute bargain at just over £3 including shipping- I've already jumped into its pages a few times this week for inspiration in how to make November more fun.