People are doing WHAT with left over pumpkin?

getting toddlers involved in pumpkin carving
Uk parents have taken up pumpkin carving in recent years as if it's a tradition of their own. But it's what happens to these halloween trophies after carving that's got me feeling pretty sick to be English.

According to news of this week 18,000 tonnes of perfectly good pumpkin flesh will end up in the landfill.
Yep. Shameful.
But see here's the thing there's so many yummy things you can make with pumpkins. All you need to do is simmer the flesh in boiling water til soft, drain and blend, to make your own pumpkin puree.
I'm not a big fan of savoury pumpkin, but it makes awesome puds- like pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies and even pumpkin pop tarts!
How to make pumpkin pie- uk recipe
Pumpkin pie recipe
One pie case (bought or homemade shortcrust are equally good)
One and half cups of pumpkin puree
One and half cups of milk
Pinch of cinnamon
Table spoon maple syrup
Pinch all spice
Three eggs
Half cup sugar
Warm the milk on the stove, then add the other ingredients, keep stirring- this is basically a pumpkin custard, until the mix is glossy. Poor in the pie case and bake for 55minutes at 190c
pumpkin pie recipe pop tarts
One of my favourite food bloggers  Half baked harvest- shares her pumpkin pie poptart recipe on her blog. Proving that pumpkins don't have to be served the same old way. I can definitely see these appealing to even the funniest eater.
cooking with halloween pumpkins
If your short on time why not try my quick vegan pumpkin spice cookie recipe.
Pumpkin carving is so much fun, and if my sweet recipe shares don't inspire you, then why not simple chop up the flesh and add it to a simple curry mix. Or stew.
One way my toddler loves to eat pumpkin is in pasta, I simply roast chunks in the oven, and add it to plain pasta with cheese.
I hope to share more simple gourd recipes over the coming week so don't forget to pop back and see
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