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Handprint wrapping paper

Christmas finger paint project

Rainy weather cancelled my plans for lots of nature walks this weekend. I decided Saturday afternoon that I wanted to try some of the lovely handwriting Christmas crafts floating around on pintrest.

So I ordered these awesome  Crayola washable paints from Amazon. Through the wonders of prime it was with us Sunday morning.
The package also contained some plain brown paper used a packing material. Which seemed like the best thing to use for our first paint craft. I poured the green and red paint into trays and just let Froggy go for it.
he's never really been into painting or colouring before (he's now 14 months).

This time was different though, he really embraced it. I stripped him off (that's why there's no work in progress pictures) and put down the trays for him to start creating.
Homemade wrapping paper

As you can see there is a gorgeous mix of festive colours in his prints. 
Christmas Craft project

I've seen some fun ideas on pintrest for using hand prints to make wreath's and reindeer, but I don't think frog is quite ready for structured creativity like that yet. But I think this wrapping paper will make some relatives very happy.

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