Get good summer 2014

I have mixed feelings on blog link ups.  As a fledgling Blogger they often provide much needed traffic from your target audience,  but I do sometimes wonder how engaged that audience is.  The best link ups(I believe) are the ones with a shared subject matter or goal. Where you begin to get involved in other people's stories, and every week you become more engaged and your network of blogging contacts extends. I often link up with #savouringtheseason because I love embracing the changes in nature in our play activities, so I was upset when I heard this semi regular link up was closing down for the summer. Luckily its being replaced by The Get Good Challenge. Which I'm really excited about.

I'm late to the starting point as we've been busy on holiday and recovering from holiday. But it's given me time to think about what I want my goals to be.
1. Learn Portuguese - sounds really random, but we went to a friends wedding in Portugal last week. It was lovely, but I felt awful not being able to speak much Portuguese. So I want to get better.

2. Make our house home- we've been here nearly a year and our flat still has so much to do. Admittedly we were a little preoccupied with moving our business and the impending arrival of our son back then. However our short holiday in a five star hotel served as a rude reminder when we got back.

3. Learn to crochet. I can knit but crocheting is witch craft with a single needle. Could be the easiest or hardest goal on my list

4. Socialise- I've been a tad lazy since becoming a mum. There were four babies born in my family in the space of a year. Which made socialising somewhat unnecessary in those early newborn months. Now I know I need to extend my social circle to include other mothers.

5. Website-I took the plunge to etsy last month but I'm not convinced its the place for my natural toys. I will be looking at online and offline alternatives to migrate my business to. My blog needs some tlc and some work to increase traffic and hopefully build a solid base for my business. I'm not sure how many I will complete in the next 10 weeks but I'm looking forward to making progress in all of the above, whilst hopefully getting to know some other bloggers in the process.