A new direction

I've been taking some down time from my blog to try and focus on what goals we have as a family. I'm not sure currently how this blog fits into our future. I've enjoyed the creative output, but running a blog is a full time job.

I will continue to blog about our lives as pub small holders and the personal side of our parenting journey via Tumblr. A medium I have found infinitely easier to use on the go than blogger. 
This blog will continue, however, in a new form. The goal of this blog will from today to share our ideas on creative, outdoor and sensory play. With a sleeker look and simpler navigation. 

For customers of my Etsy and Ebay shops- there are changes here too. I will no longer be making toys for sale. Instead my WAHM business will focus on sensory play and craft kits, for you to make at home easily. I often talk to other mums at groups and online about their desire to craft. Many tell me they find the idea of crafting something intimidating and prohibitive. The truth is some crafts are simple with the right materials and guidance. I would far rather enable other mums to create something new and personal with and for their children, than work feverishly to ensure full stocks are available and ready to dispatch.

A sale of our ready made stock will follow soon and I hope to have my range of kits ready for market before the end of the Summer Holidays.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the last six months, I hope you will continue to do so over the new regime.