There's no such thing as happy mummy

The world we see on our screens can be deceptive. From Instagram feeds of babies in beautiful outfits to tv shows where immaculately turned out mums with lovely wardrobes and homes have time for dinner with friends. It can all make you feel like you could be happier. 

Which leads you to feel angry for not achieving more from your day. 

This post is written for my sister (yesterday), myself (today), my mother (gosh knows how many times after 6 kids and 25 years of patenting) and all of the other wonderful mothers I know who've had days where everything seems numb, pointless or unfufilling.

There is no such thing as a happy mum.

Not one that's happy all the time.

Or even happy everyday.

We all feel that dark draining feeling sometimes. It's natural and human.

It's to show you how much you are actually investing in this patenting thing.

I promise that every other mother out there, regardless of where they live,  what they own or how many friends they have,  has these days.

Please don't be hard on yourself. You have already accomplished so much.  Just look at your lovely baby/child/children. To whom you are everything and remember that everything else is irrelevant.

Find time for a coffee and a chat.  Maybe go for a nature walk.  Go to bed early.

You've earnt it.

And I promise tomorrow will be a better day



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