Heuristic play ideas 'to go'

summer treasure basket
I hope you've been enjoying my blog series on how to set up heuristic play activities.
Today's blog post is all about providing heuristic activities easily whilst enjoying the great outdoors this summer,  so it seemed  an appropriate opportunity to link up with the fabulous Country kids from Coombe Mill.

Using familiar heuristic items in new  situations is a great learning aid for preschoolers.  As they are still figuring out the 'rules' of our universe, exploring how familiar objects act in unfamiliar environments feeds their curiosity in an incredibly engaging way. 
Sand and water pay are adored by ages, but you don't need to  go to the beach or own a water and sand table in order to take advantage of it. In the photos above we are enjoying the play park in Frome town centre. 

Water play can be created any time by using a suitable container (possibly none to small for little hands) and drinking quality water. 

Most of these items are probably lurking in your handbag or found in your garden - who doesn't love free summer activities for kids?

Heuristic play items 'to go':
Paper bags 
Jam jar lids
Teething links
Hand rag dolls
Keys (don't lose them)
Small wooden toys

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