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Beyond the sling- Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Beyond the sling review
Attachment parenting guru Mayim Bialik's Beyond the sling is the first book of my 50 book challenge
Beyond the sling, is an autobiographical account of Bialiks experience in attachment parenting. Not just a genius in her role in tv's big bang theory, Bialik has a phd in neuroscience which she feels reinforces her understanding of attachment parenting.

As someone who studies child psychology and promotes a more instinctive  approach to parenting, I expected to enjoy this book. I really love how candid Mayim is and although theres some stuff that raises red markers to my own common sense (consuming castor oil to induce labour is not something my personal research would recommend), most is sound advice. Whilst practicing EC (elimination communicatiom) might not be everyones cup of tea. This book would make a fabulous gift for an expectant friend, as it outlines all the basics of gentle parenting candidly, without the hard sell. Mayim is particularly affective at discussing the benefits of breastfeeding.

I had no clue Bialik was a certified lactation counsellor, which makes her frequent appearance in the media on the topic of breastfeeding even more reassuring. 

Like every breastfeeding mother I've ever  met Mayim is passionate about sharing the benefits of breastfeeding and the importance of sharing knowledge with other mums.

In the 4th chapter 'baby needs milk' she writes:

Breastfeeding "is not just a convenience; its a method of stimulating complicated hormones that connect us and keep us invested in each other"... "it is the most natural, reliable way to ensure this bond"

She also discusses the common barriers or discomforts of breastfeeding we all face as nursing mums like milk not coming in fast enough, thrush, Mastitis, inverted or flat nipples, crappy latch etc etc. 

Just imagine how many more mamas could reach their nursing goals by reading this book and seeing that these obstacles are normal and can be overcome with support. 

Over all I enjoyed the book, I found it gave me confidence in parenting how I want to, and made me think a little deeper about some of my decisions.


If anyone has any ssuggestions for my 50 book challenge get in touch

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