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Baby friendly day out: Corfe

This week's family day out was to Corfe. Famous for its fabulous Castle and gateway to the Isle of Purbeck. It is the inspiration of Kirren Island from Enid Blyton's first famous five book.
The little village of Corfe offers a lot for a family visit a well as the Castle.  The village is 'chocolate box' and their are stunning woodland walks, a gorgeous steam train service to Swanage and a bounty of brilliant tea rooms and country pubs.

We started the visit at the National Trust visitors Centre. It's a nice purpose built cafe and information area, with nice bathroom and baby change facilities and comfy sofas perfect for nursing on. It's even dog friendly so we decided to stop for a drink and a snack (and a feed and a nappy change). 
There's a nice view of the landscape from the seating area, highchairs and even a log burner making it an appealing place to visit on cooler days. 

The staff were friendly and let us know we could borrow a baby carrier if needed

One of the best things about Corfe is that it really is fun for our the family.  We've struggled to find fun places for a baby and a dog to go to that we'd all enjoy.
We didn't even mind that it is a particularly steep walk to the castle or that it was really windy. Froggy enjoyed the fresh air and watching mummys scarf blow wind in the wind.
(Next time I'm packing play silks and a kite to make the most of it! )

Frog loved the views from all around the village.  He loved the new noises of sheep and trains. He loved crawling on the grass.  He loved the wind blowing the grass and mummy's scarf. But most of all he loved all the awesome things that he got to touch

We really enjoyed the Castle and froggy was behaving well so we headed into the village. 
We visited the Museum (a cute open room with artifacts on display) which had so many nice examples of childhood gone by. 
The theme of childhood was repeated in a nearby shop called ginger pop. It's a celebration of author Enid Blyton.
It was ab lovely shop I bought some replica ww2 cooking pamphlets.  But be warned its not child friendly. 
The sales advisor was pleasant but said something along the lines of "I wish children would look with their eyes".
So I'd recommended opting for the national Trust shop with little ones instead. 
We didn't get time for the railway but hey, that's something for another day and possibly another post 
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. A fab family day out in an idyllic place with plenty for all ages and our four legged friends too! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. He looks so cute while touching those textures! The view from up there is amazing and looks like you enjoyed this trip =) #countrykids


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