Baby friendly day out -Beaulieu Abbey

Taking kids to Beaulieu
Today we've really been making the most of the fabulous weather at Beaulieu.
It's such a fab day out that it really does merit a post for each different area, so that's what I intend to do as part of my baby friendly day out series. This post is on the abbey itself which was a brilliant choice of outing for a sunny day.

We chose to ride the open top bus to the palace (froggy loved this) and go and 'quickly' look around the old monastery.
It wasn't as quick as we anticipated though because frog was enthralled with all the different things he could touch. 
There's exhibits of old stone work, an old water trough made of wood,  glass display panels,  cold brick walls, wooden floors and even a plush red curtain on the way up to the monks dormitory. All were so engaging and impressive to our little man. Talk about sensory play!

There was plenty to see and hear too, with astounding  tapestry by a previous Lady Montague, examples of chanting,  and many artefacts on display,  as you can see from the photos, our 
son was smiling ear to ear most of the time. 
Outside of the exhibition is the monasteries garden,  which is still planted up with traditional herbs and plants that historicaly would have been used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Frog enjoyed a crawl and a sniff of the flowers. He even hunted down some dandelions for me.

The garden was inspiration for me as it reminded me that a good garden for self sufficiency, needs a good choice of herbs to be beneficiaL

We walked around the ruins some more, it was so relaxing and we enjoyed the quiet time.  We decided that having indulge touch, smell, sight and hearing it would be foolish to leave taste out. Can you think of a better way than this? 

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