Hurrah for breastfeeding peer support

As my Web of fellow parent bloggers expand, I find more and more stories of other mums desperate to feed their babies who hit the barrier of inadequate breast feeding peer support.

I hate reading stories like this.  Frog was similar and in hospital would try and latch the proper way and fail miserably.  When I asked for help I got told he wasn't hungry or was greedy and didn't want it.  No one checked or noticed his tongue tie.

I was lucky my mum is a breastfeeding consultant and she helped no end. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had her. I think it's important to have a relationship with someone who can help you before you give birth so you feel comfortable calling on them.

I'm not sure I would have found them locally as my local boob group is pretty rubbish. It's run by the local sure start and when asked I was told that they didn't know or have details of a local peer supporter.

Historically when we lived in smaller communities, this breastfeeding support and knowledge would have been available to all of us in the form of parents and extended family.

You know that kind of set up that they had back in the 50s. The era of call the midwife. Where your grandmothers moved in or lived down the street.

Peer supporters now have to step up to this role in the absence of community. They provide an essential life line to some mothers. 
Shockingly almost all of these women are providing this incredible service free of charge.

They are often available night and day.  They go into people's homes, wherever that may be, on their own steam. Where they try to assist with any breastfeeding related issues big or small, off the cuff, and in a personable manner.

This is my way of saying thank you to these amazing women.  You are an inspiration.  I hope the  government wakes up soon and realises how valuable that service is.



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