Making our own washing powder

This is a similar recipe to my no borax recipe from earlier this year.
This time I'm using ingredients all available from the high street.
Washing powder made at home is really easy to make and unbelievably cheap.  The ingredients below cost roughly £1.39 and makes enough for 2 months worth of washing ( we use cloth nappies and launder the pubs linens with that amount too). We used to spend nearly 5 times that amount.
The other awesome thing about homemade washing powder is that bicarb is the active ingredient in Calgon, meaning your machine gets cleaned and limescale broken down with every wash, extending the life of your washing machine.
You will need
2 bars of baby soap (grated)
1 cup of soda crystals
2 cups bicarbonate of soda
1/2 cup Bio tex stain remover
10 drops of thieves oil
Simply mix the ingredients together and use sparingly (1-2tsp) per wash. No need to increase the heat we've been using this powder for half a year with no issues.