Making vintage style baby clothes

I like traditional baby clothes,  much more than the modern styles.  You know the vintage lovely all in ones from the 40s, 50s and 60s. It's so hard to find any  vintage baby clothes for sale that I decided to turn my hand to making 
This was my first time following a pattern so it was a bit nerve racking. 
I felt for a while like I was reading something in French. I made a lot of mistakes along the way- I had to unpick the whole darn thing at least three times. 

I learnt that there is no blagging it or shortcuts.You need to read the pattern book thoroughly before starting. 

I also learnt that once you've read the instructions properly and prepared your garment and machine, the actual sewing 
together doesn't take too long. 

Once on the right track this cute playsuit came together quite well.  It's not the most glamorous garment. Its not a skilled bit of sewing. But it is cute and practical for my little crawler. 

I enjoyed making it so much that I've made quite a few variations of this pattern. 



  1. My mum and I are going to try our hand at making a few things for Boo soon, I've seen so many gorgeous fabrics! Where did you get your pattern from? Love this little playsuit! So cute and light for the summer! #CreativeChallenge

  2. That looks really good and so comfy, too. Glad you managed to squeeze in a little sewing time x #CreativeChallenge

  3. Looks fantastic, its a great feeling when your little one is wearing something you made :) #CreativeChallenge

  4. Aww this is adorable and well done you! I watched the great british sewing bee and was in awe of everyone's sewing abilities so the fact that you have deciphered a pattern is very clever indeed! he looks adorable in it! Hope his teething gets better soon too! Thanks for linking with #creativechallenge xx

  5. Im so jealous! I so want to sew! I dont have sweing machine tho. Your porject is so nice. Always nicer when someone is wearing our project right? #creativechallenge

  6. This is great! Sewing is something I just can't/don't do :) #CreativeChallenge


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