Making glitter dough

We are always looking for fun play ideas to trial with frog.  If you are looking for inspiration a-z of playdoh at nuturestore is a great place to start. 

I love the ideas they have for sensory play doh, and as frog gets older I'm sure he's going to enjoying being able to explore these ideas. 

Howeve , as I discovered when we made this glitter dough,  he's more into the making part of play doh than the playing bit.

This playdoh creation was made with the assistance of froggy (7 months) and his cousin nutkin (18months).
I bought a messy play mat from Avon (nutkins mama is an Avon rep)
So  we set up our no cook play dough on the floor. 

Our mix was
One cup salt
Two Cups flour
One Table spoon baking powder
One cup of oil
And lots of glitter
We let the babies have a good mix of the dry ingredients first
Cousin nutkin mixes very well
Slowly we added the oil and food colouring
Then we added some more glitter for fun 
The end result was fabulous, but didn't appeal to the babies any where near as much as the actual making of the play dough itself. 



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