Easter in the kitchen garden

This is part of a collection of posts recording the story of our journey into self sufficiency.  It started in March 2014 with some seeds and a trowel and has been growing ever since. 

This post marks our kitchen garden adventure a month in - Easter 2014

We had been holding back from planting in the garden. After our hot snap in May the papers threatened a white Easter and potentially frost.  However we seem to have escaped this and the weather has finally fit warm enough again to liven up the plants in our kitchen garden, and for us to get planting out.

It's been good news for outside playdates too as froggies been able to have his cousins over to play.  We bought his first paddling pool and have enjoyed lots and lots of water play. 

I've found the secret to an early night and a happy baby is plenty of outdoor time.  So we are out there as much as possible at the moment. 

As for the kitchen garden that's doing okay too. We finally have growth in our Patio planters. 

Our Spuds are looking particularly good. They'll be due for another layer of soil soon. 

We splurged at the market this week too and bought some plugs of cabbage and cut and come again lettuce. 
The biggest challenge is watering the beds everyday. 
But Froggy has no arguments as he just loves his water play. 

I'm still a novice kitchen gardener- so I'd love for you to share with me your top tip for the garden or garden fun in the comment box below



  1. Lovely post - would love to know how the organic slug gel works out - never heard of that before! Inspired me to get out in the garden again and get planting. We are keeping fingers crossed the frost doesn't come as forecast this week and ruin the apple tree blossom - can't believe a frost is forecast for May!


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