My little blog got a lovely big mention

I'm so thrilled. My blogs just had its first in print mention in an amazing magazine too.  

I featured in article on traditional gender roles,  home making and craft

I joined in the debate on the side for more respect for stay at home mothers, sharing how fufilling a life of a stay at home mum can be when you handmake clothing,  food or toiletries. 
I'm not sure my dh would quite call my homemaking skills domestic bliss but hey I'll take it.

This issue of Mollie makes comes with these nifty fashion flash cards for clothing and accessories. They are all fantastically simple fixes that could be made from old clothing you don't wear any more.  
Perfect for novice sewers- theres even an all inclusive brooch sewing kit freebie perfect for complete craft virgins. 

Check out their website here



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