Stocking filler idea- homemade yarn dolls

how to make a hamdmade yarn doll for christmas present
It's not long til Christmas and I have lots of small Children to make gifts for this year.
 So I decided to give an idea from one of my Floris books (creative play with small children) a go.  These yarn dolls are easy to make and a great way to use up left of wool from your stash. 
They would make an adorable stocking filler at Christmas or a nice alternative to money from the tooth fairy. After all, children do love handmade gifts.

Wrap your chosen yarn around a coaster
 I had a yarn about twice the thickness of  dk and wrapped it 40 times.

Next cut the yarn. Cut a 8cm length of yarn. Slip it behind the yarn and tie a not at the top of the coaster this forms the top of the dolls head. 

Then cut anther 8cm strip of yarn and tie a knot an inch down from the top of the doll to form the head. 

gift older children can make for brother or sister
Now for the arms. Wrap more yarn around the coaster. This time only using half as much as for the body 
This time tie the yarn an inch up from the base of the coaster

homemade knitted gifts

Cut below the knot. Split the strands in three and plait.  Tie a knot to finish
Thread the arm through the body of your  doll then tie a knot to hold in place. 
Now you just need to choose of your doll is a lady or a chap. For a lady simply snip the threads at the bottom to  form a skirt

Or for a chap. Seperate the strands in two to make legs and tie two knots to make feet.