Baby friendly day out Mompesson House

Earlier this year I signed up for National Trust membership. It was a fantastic deal at £20 for a young persons membership.  

I've been increasingly impressed with how baby (and breastfeeding) friendly all the national Trust sites are. 
Today's destination 
was exceptional in their welcoming to two mummies with babies. 

Today we visited Mompesson house which is opposite the cathedral in Salisbury.  It was the home of artist Barbara Townsend. Below is one of her paintings of the parlour. 
The volunteers in every room were very friendly.  The ladies in the entrance watched our buggy and chatted to the babies whilst we got our slings on. 

We went straight to the lovely tea room for lunch. The staff caried our food to the table,  bought us a high chair and didn't raise an eyebrow to weaning frog dropping food on the floor. 

We sat on the terrace over looking the lawn, which meant when the babies got distracted we were able to let them enjoy the garden.  

Frog enjoyed somewhere new to crawl (and the mud) whilst lion loved the 'purtle fowers' and showing them to her nephew. 

Inside the house is gorgeous. After he finished his token feed me in public sling nursing session, Frog adored the engravings, art and beatiful ceilings abs light fittings. 
Lion enjoyed being chatted to by the volunteers,  and adored the 'pritties' (chandelier) and the 'haot' (fires)

To top off a great visit I even got some inspired for a future craft project bythe lovely watercolor ceramics that Barbara Townsend had hand worked.

I'll link it up as I get a chance to create it.  



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