Toys on Tuesday- Heuristic Play

If you read my blog regularly you may have noticed I'm a big fan of Heuristic play for babies and toddlers. In fact  few weeks ago I destashed my sons toy collection
For my first #ToysonTuesday post I thought I'd share what's appealing to my son from his treasure basket this week.

Starbright baby teething rhino- its nice to chomp on- and hand made. Which is pretty awesome. Froggy's Grandma got it for him for Christmas. It's been my back up whilst he's been experimenting with biting.

- an exhibitor pass from my past life as a fashion marketing manager- its a fascinating array of textures and the lanyard encourages fine motor skills

- He loves Hot drink tubs. Not just like but LOVE. They're so appealing they caused an all out fight between frogs cousin and aunty ( both toddlers) this week. I think its because they have a load of uses - funny mirror, drum, storage vessel and teething object.

- A homemade baby teething ring-

How to make the Heuristic Teething Ring

I love really easy baby makes. This one is pretty, useful and cheap to make which ticks all my boxes when it comes to craft.This cool travel teether is made by simply grab a teething link ( If you don't have any they are worth grabbing -they are great Bath time and travel toys). Then I bought some ribbon offcuts from Amazon - these are a good addition to heuristic toy basket. Cut a few of the strands in half and tie them to the grooves in the link.



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