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Making beeswax candles

This craft is gorgeously uncomplicated.  My mum is visiting for a short break.  I'm eldest of six kids and the youngest three (11, 7 and 16 months) are staying too.
So we've been trying to find craft/activity ideas that suit all four kids. We've been really lucky with the weather this week- we've done ice play and gardening. 
Today we're trying out another steiner craft- bees wax candles. 

It's a really nice sensory craft with no mess which makes it awinner in my books as I'm a bit 

We used a craft kit purchased from the local steiner school.  We used three a4 sheets of beeswax and 2 metres of Wick. 

Froggy thought it smelt (and tasted) good.

First we snapped the beeswax to the required length.  Froggy made a full sheet sized one as we thought this might be best for smaller fingers.

Then, with the help of our pub cat Margot, we measured the wick to length so we had a nice long taper. 

Then (with some help from grandma) we rolled the beeswax tightly around the wick.
And carried on rolling the wax making sure to keep it tight
Froggy's finished candle with his aunt and uncles. 

If you fancy giving this craft  go then follow the links below to shop at amazon.
beeswax £2.70
wick £1.50
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. I love this, just what Clio and I did last week in Country Kids at the open air museum, I hadn't realised how easy it was before, a great idea for an afternoon craft outside. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids

  2. My girls would love thud. Thanks for sharing #countrykids

  3. What a great idea, I had no idea you could make candles so easily and mess free! #CountryKids


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