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Knitted dribble bibs and cloth baby wipes

Crafting for your little one can be a rewarding experience.  However I'm known to be a tad  over ambitious.  I started an all in one peice cot blanket a while ago.  It's unfinished presence in my knitting bag stresses me to a point where I'm afraid to go in there.

The key is to make small things, that are quick to make and the kind of thing you will use on a regular basis. 

We've found these knitted bibs and homemade kitchen wet wipes a lifesaver for all the mess that having a small  baby in tow can bring,  whilst giving me a momentary creative outlet.

Knitted dribble bib

handmade baby bib gift
This dribble bib pattern can be made up in an hour by a beginner knitter.

You need
Off cuts of wool
Any size needles you have (6mm are good for beginners)
1.Cast on two
2. Knit one row
3. Cast on two new stitches at the beginning of each new row.
Working in sticking stitch
4. Continue in this way till the peice measures 10"
handmade dribble bib knitting pattern5. For the final two rows cast on 15 stitches at the beginning of each.
6. Cast off loosely.

More experienced knitters could try intarsia patterns, whilst a simple way to add colour for newbie knitters is alternating the wool every second row to create stripes.
Homemade baby/kitchen wipes

reusable baby wipes
I used to get through two packs of Flash wipes a week easy. Now I've discovered these reusable wipes- they work better, are cheaper and I love the convenience.

1. Take a pack of Microfibre clothes (available at super markets every where). Cut them in half and then half again until each square becomes for squares
how to make your own baby wipes
2. Take a washed up spread tub and put in a cap full of cider vinegar,  two drops of lemon grass essential oil and two drops of Rosemary essential oil.

3. Fill your chosen tup with cooled boiled water add the wipes and hey presto.

to make ones just for baby skip the cider vinegar in stage 2

What crafts do you enjoy doing for your little ones? If you have a post on something similar I'd love you to share it with me through the comments. 

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