Easy play ideas for kids multiple ages

Have you got plans with friends or family for the upcoming Easter break and are looking for a cheap but engaging way to keep kids of different ages entertained?

Froggy recently played host to his family - two toddlers, a seven year old and eleven year old. We tried out lots of fun ideas here are some of my favourites.

Outdoor ice/water play

This sensory play was a big hit. I just filled different tubs with water and unusual objects and some others with water and water based paint (makes washable coloured Ice) and froze overnight.  We then poured warm water into the washing up bowl-added the sensory ice cubes and let the kids go nuts. 

Homemade candles
 A truly fantastic (and mess free craft) makes great presents or momentos.


Give each age child a set responsibility. We got the little ones to mix the dry ingredients,  whilst the 11 year old was in charge of mixing in the eggs and fat, and the 7 year old did the icing. 

Set up a percussion box

Dont worry if you don't own any hand percussion instruments. 
You can make a percussion box using recycled packaging. 
Rice in bottles make great maracas
Old tubs and saucepans make great drums. 
You can buy cheap bells at craft shops to make jingle Bells by Threading on to ribbons. 

Make a stash in the corner and let them go nuts. 

Coloured sand

We found this one at a local messy Church (an afternoon of craft followed by a short child friendly service. 
The helper kindly told me how they made this cool coloured sand which was THE activity of the six on offer for all the kids- simply add food colouring- I've replicated this else where on my blog with coloured flour. 

Seasonal craft
The picture above shows our easter crafts- we set up the table with raffia, fleece, felt and card. I chose spring colours. The babies enjoyed the sensory aspect whilst the older two made easter baskets. You can find great seasonal craft ideas on my blog and others 



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