Hey I'm Hannah Newman, I am what you could call a crunchy mum, and this is my blog. I've been writing here for three years about my journey through attachment parenting, extended (then tandem) breastfeeding, cosleeping and cloth nappies. You could say its a standard mummy blog. 

But here's the thing- becoming a mum  changed me. It made me more than a hippy. It planted a seed, a dream for a future off the beaten track- no longer sucked up into the system. It built a drive to plant things, chase chickens, travel and keep my  kids safe from a world where freedom is missing and childhood is lost.  

I can't do normal. If I had my way we'd live in a yurt somewhere and be free, but lacking the skills (for now) or the funds to cut our dependency on normal (just yet).
So we don't do normal jobs, we live and run a pub in the New Forest. Our kids are with us pretty much all the time. We've built a small kitchen garden, started preschool at home and are saving.  

What are we saving for? A fresh start, a life somewhere new. With land and freedom, and as few bills as possible. Not off grid, I'm a realist with blue hair and an iPhone. I like the modern world, I'm just not so sure that the modern world likes me and my life!