How we do a years worth of Laundry for just £8- and its Eco friendly

Looking for an eco friendly way to wash clothes and nappies whilst saving money? Over the last three years I've tried making my own washing powder like those inspiring Big Family bloggers in the Us - It's much cheaper than buying normal brands and I've even managed to make homemade washing powder out of just high street ingredients.  For  while I also tried  washing with Soap nuts (a natural soap made from tree nuts) they are definitely and interesting and cost effective alternative to washing powder.
However both  Soap Nuts and Homemade washing powder require a bit of effort - after I had my second baby in two years that became increasingly difficult. Then a chance encounter in my holistic store led me to find an awesome invention called The Eco Egg. If you don't have a good local independent store then they are Available from Amazon for just £23.50 this amazing egg comes with pellets you pop inside to keep you clothes clean and fresh. Each egg has enough pellets to power through 720 washes (about 3 years for the average family) which works out around 3p a wash - far cheaper than even value washing powder.

This egg is not just good for your family budget, it's great if your kids are sensitive to standard washing powder and helps save the planet.
If you have used soap nuts - this is a great alternative to having soap nuts all over you floor and you don't have to go through the effort of activating it before a wash cycle- just pop it in the drum and go! For us it totally was the best of both things we liked about the other eco methods of washing - it saved the planet and help us save much needed cash.We purchased the 210 wash egg 15 months ago and it is still going for us. This smaller pack size can be picked up for around £10 - we add a teaspoon of bicarb and a couple of drops of essential oil to each wash and everything (including cloth nappies) comes out nice and clean.



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