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Summer Holiday's Dragging on/ costing a fortune? Here's 50+ things you can do for free in august

Summer holidays are well and truly off - its great to have a bit of nice weather but it's really hard to stay on a budget when you just want to make the most of every moment with your precious little ones. As a homeschool family we don't have terms and holidays but I know that can actually send life into a bit of a quandary. My kids need to keep busy all day else we all go insane- and with them home all the time we have to be really on our toes to keep them going without spending a fortune!
So if you are in a pickle (or a rut) with finding ideas to keep them busy without breaking the bank.
 Here's a list of  50 things you can do for free with kids during August.

  1. Go to the river with a jam jar and go minnow fishing
  2. Go for a bike ride to do the shopping 
  3. Go to the library and take out loads of books
  4. Go to the park for breakfast - take the bowls, cereal, milk and spoons with you
  5. Make a scare crow for the vegetable garden
  6. Plant some seeds and watch them grow - maybe start a kitchen garden
  7. Go to the woods and find the gruffalo or go on a bear hunt
  8. Go paddling at the river or water park
  9. Take lunch as a picnic to the park
  10. Make a cake- and take it to a friends house
  11. Walk like a tourist round the town you live in- go to the tourist information centre and look at landmarks
  12. Make ice Lollys (using molds or plastic tumblers and spoons)
  13. Take a dinner of left overs to the beach
  14. Invite friends round for lunch in the garden
  15. Go on a bug hunt- take a jam jar and see if you can catch any creepy crawlies
  16. Make play doh- you just need to cook flour (one cup) salt (one spoon) and olive oil (three spoons over a low heat - you can use powder paint to make the colour. Or you can use a no cook play doh recipe
  17. Go on a blackberry hunt and use the black berries to make some jam or crumble
  18. Go to the river and play pooh sticks take a coffee with you 
  19. Let the kids do the shopping- take them to the grocers and let them pick one thing each
  20. Visit an elderly relative- take them some pictures painted by the kids
  21. Google free printable masks and have a dress up morning
  22. Go on an animal hunt- make a check list and see how many you can find in your local area
  23. Build a tent in the living room and have dinner in it.
  24. Full pans, pots and buckets with water and splash around in the garden.
  25. Make nature pictures using rocks flowers and stones.
  26. Make daisy chains in a public garden - take snacks and a ball.
  27. Build a den or a tree house in the garden or the woods.
  28. Find a cardboard box to turn into a racing car or a play house
  29. Give the kids paint and paint brushes in the bath or shower and let them go wild
  30. Make paper boats to race on the river or paddling pool.
  31. Make your own water play equipment by peircing holes in plastic bottles.
  32. Go for a walk and collect treats for a summer nature table
  33. Bake cookiesand take them to the park
  34. Watch a family movie in bed with icecream
  35. Organise toys to sell/take to the charity shop
  36. Make chutney from marked down vegetables in the veg shop
  37. Have a homemade pizza party
  38. Check out your local church website the might have free activities over the summer
  39. Most areas have free talks from the forestery commission Rangers over the summer.
  40. Print craft or colouring sheets from the Internet of the kids favourite characters
  41. Start reading a family chapter book.
  42. Go camping in a relatives garden.
  43. Have a veggie BBQ- much cheaper than meat and grilled vegetables are delicious!
  44. Go to the travel agents and let the kids pick a brochure each you can then go home and investigate.
  45. Start making some presents for Christmas gifts!
  46. Make banana ice cream (it's really easy, cheaper and healthier than store bought ice cream)
  47. Make musical instruments out of pots and pans and full bottles with rice
  48. Find some snails and do a snail race
  49. Build a hopscotch in the garden and make a skipping rope out of old sheets
  50. Make bubbles at home and see if you can make giant bubbles with pipe cleaners
  51. Freeze toys in water and get the kids to break them free!
  52. Take bikes to the top of the hill then ride them down really fast! 
  53. Collect dandelions and then use them to make some balm

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