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What I'd like for mothers day or 10 luxuries you hand over at the door of motherhood

I'll admit it before I had froggy I was pretty darn smug about this whole child rearing thing. After all as the oldest of six kids I knew what it would be like.
I knew I was giving up fancy clothes, meals out and a social life.  What I didn't account for was how my understanding of the word luxury would change, when the unrealised life luxuries were handed over at the door of motherhood.  Nor did I realise just how much I'd miss them.
So what I'd really like for mothers day is any of the following:

1. To finish a chapter of a book.
I've come to terms with the fact that I will never finish a library book in the allotted four week lending period. However I don't want the librarians to know this and every month return half read books.

2. To use any of the following for their intended purpose
Hair straightener
Nail polish
Eye liner
(Note use for removing splinters,  ironing/drying clothes,  covering scuffs in shoes, and drawing cat faces don't count)

3. Drinking a cup of coffee whilst it's still warm
Frappee lattes were invented by a mum feed up of not being able to drink her coffee in the condition she paid £3 for it

4. Private conversations
It's like being on the wrong side of Rebekah Brooks-there's always someone listening.

5. Eating more than one course, with the correct cutlery/crockery, before it goes cold.
Or describing how tasty your dinner is to entertain your child 'mm mama likes beef does froggy like it? Yum, yum'

6. Having a Bath on your own.  Without any distractions.
Silence,  hot water and privacy for more than five minutes= mum spa.

7. Going to sleep/ waking up when you chose.
Like some unpublished George Orwell novel where an irrational out of control leader breaks the will of his subjects by dictating the sleep in a never  predictable manner.

8. Getting anywhere on time.
We started leaving the house two hours ago,  honest.

9. Coordinating outfits.
Hey mum that top looks awesome with that skirt.  Please let me vomit on it  to complete the look.

10. Going to the bathroom with the door closed.
Noone should have to sing nursery rhymes on the loo.

And which of these luxuries is top of my wish list for mothers day?  Actually none of them.  As much as I would love a soak in the tub reading Jane Austen followed by getting dressed up  for a four course supper- I simply wouldn't trade anything for the life I have now.

This mothers day I'm grateful to my own mum for the sacrifices above she's made,  and I'm even more grateful that this year I get to make all of those sacrifices for someone else.


  1. lovely, true to life and very touching! couldn't have said it better myself!


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